California-Based Company Elevates Events With CO2 Special FX Products

From CO2 guns and CO2 Jets to DMX Controllers and Confetti Blowers, Club Cannon produces some of the best performing special effects equipment. The use of Club Cannon products can completely change the surrounding atmosphere of an event. One of the most popular options is the handheld CO2 Cannon MKII. Many people underestimate the capabilities of a handheld product. The cannon produces twenty to thirty-foot plumes of CO2 powered fog. Because it is manually operated, the product is favored by DJs, nightclubs, theater productions, and weddings. With a built-in silencer, the cannon will provide an elevated experience without detracting from the main attraction.

If a client has a recurring event that they would like a custom design for, Club Cannon will develop a system perfectly tailored to their needs. Certain circumstances and venues restrict CO2 tank placement. When a venue with limited room is chosen for events, Club Cannon often implements their passthrough design. The design allows users to place their effects at nearly any desired location, whether or not a CO2 tank is nearby.

One of the questions that is most frequently raised by clients is, “Where are CO2 replacements available?” CO2 is supplied nationwide by various companies. Typically, any company that identifies as a welding or gas supplier will have CO2 tanks available either for purchase or to rent. The Club Cannon website offers a locator tool that can help clients find the nearest of any three of the primary suppliers in the United States.

Club Cannon provides products that make special events even more memorable. Whether clients choose a product that is operated manually or remotely, they can trust that they will receive the highest quality equipment on the market. While products are available for private parties and events, Club Cannon seeks to make their products readily available and as affordable as possible. For this reason, the company offers a wholesale product option to businesses with a license. The requirements for receiving wholesale discounts are displayed on the Club Cannon website.

Club Cannon is a California-based company that provides industry-leading CO2 special effects equipment and accessories. The company has been elevating events and special occasions for over six years with their cutting edge products. Specializing in custom system creation, the company has been able to meet the needs of many major clients, including Walt Disney, Coca-Cola, Game of Thrones, Dunkin Donuts, Mac Miller, Post Malone, and Jason Derulo. Club Cannon strives to help customers engage in an enhanced experience that is backed by a one-year warranty and excellent customer service.


For more information about CO2 special effects equipment, visit the Club Cannon website at www.clubcannon.com. The company can be contacted by email at pat@clubcannon.com or by phone at 1 (888) 804-8175.