Special Effects Company Supplies CO2 Cannons for Events and Parties

For eight years, Club Cannon has been elevating parties with remotely and manually-operated special effects products. CO2 confetti blowers, fog machines, and LED-colored lights are only a few of the exciting and fun products offered by this unique company in San Luis Obispo, CA. Club Cannon also provide a selection of controllers, batteries, parts, and more to ensure these special effects work smoothly at just the right time. Carrying cases are available to transport special effects devices to the event location. Some products feature built-in silencers that allow the excitement to build without irritating, loud noises.

Though some properties may prevent CO2 systems from being used within a certain distance of buildings or campus grounds, customers can set up their Club Cannon devices a safe distance away and still remotely operate the system. Customers that need tailored systems can even request and implement custom designs to meet their specific needs. No matter the occasion, Club Cannon helps clients make it memorable.

Club Cannon makes lively celebrations enjoyable and safe with specialized flame-retardant confetti. The sturdy confetti blower releases confetti up to fifty feet in the air and is compatible with both tissue and mylar paper types. Mylar confetti can be bought in an array of vibrant colors that will brighten any space. Club Cannon’s LED system, a one-of-a-kind device that attaches to the Club Cannon DMX Jet, is perfect for DJs, clubs, and bars. Upstaging a traditional disco ball, this system features red, green, blue, white, amber, and UV colored lights.

More stylishly and precisely than ever, the Handheld CO2 Cannon MKII produces twenty to thirty-foot fog plumes, no power required. Its aluminum body and components outlast any corrosion that may occur with steel builds, and the powder coating and hard coating are so endurable that even the harshest environmental conditions cannot stop the party no matter where it takes place. From indoor theatrical productions and dance recitals to outdoor wedding receptions and concerts, the Handheld CO2 Cannon MKII will outperform expectations day or night.

Whether a customer is putting on a spooky Halloween display, throwing the best graduation party on the block, or celebrating another year of life, Club Cannon will always provide reliable, quality systems and accessories at affordable prices. To reach a broader range of customers, the company is providing a wholesale offer to businesses that can produce a valid license. For CO2 replacements, customers can locate welding or gas suppliers, which usually sell or rent out CO2 tanks. For added convenience, Club Cannon offers on its website a tool for locating the nearest recommended stores.

Club Cannon is an industry leader in special effects equipment and accessories. The company has supplied products for notable clients, including Mosaic Ultra Lounge, Cirque Du Soleil, Disney, Post Malone, Dunkin’ Donuts, Arizona Cardinals, Mac Miller, and Paris Hilton. As a provider of custom designs for both remote and manual execution, Club Cannon is dedicated to creating safe and memorable experiences at affordable prices. A one-year warranty covers products and designs.


For more information about CO2 special effects, visit the Club Cannon website at https://www.clubcannon.com. The team can be reached by email at pat@clubcannon.com or by phone at 1 (888) 804-8175.