Have a tour going out?

We can coordinate a system that will fit perfectly across your stage, or set you up with a variety of hoses to fit different venues across the tour. With our unique CO2 Passthrough design, we can simplify your hose runs and tank locations by feeding CO2 from stage left & stage right. This is a great solution, for when tanks are not allowed in the pit.
Daisy Chain CO2 Jets


Every system is unique.

There are a number of variables with every system. Size of your room, space between products, distance from stage to lighting booth, ceiling height, and tank storage location. No need to worry, our team can work with you directly to put together a perfect system. We can make custom hose lengths, program specific channeling for DMX controllers, even implement custom timed circuits that will trigger products for a specified duration.


Want to take it a step further?

Depending on your exact application, control, climate, and exposure can be key factors. We can help design custom mounting, control, & weather resistant solutions for your needs.


Not all products are created equal.

Are you looking for a quality, OEM product to sell? We can help design, develop and manufacture it. With our programming, engineering & manufacturing capability, we can facilitate projects of almost any size. Standalone control solutions, CO2 & Confetti launchers, DMX controlled circuits & anything in between, no project is too complex. Let’s chat about how we can bring your idea to life!