Product Guide


LED Attachment II

Illuminate your CO2 plumes to create stunning effects. 6x 20W LEDs, attaches magnetically. $799.99


Club Cannon CO2 Tank Cover

CO2 Tank Covers

Conceal your CO2 tanks with these custom fit neoprene sleeves. Full length zipper for easy install. $49.99+


CO2 Hose

Made of special materials designed to handle the high pressure and low temperature of liquid CO2. $99.99+


CO2 Cylinder Link

Links your CO2 tanks together. Connect as many as you'd like, extending your CO2 output duration. $119.99


Co2 Distribution Manifold

An easy solution for linking multiple tanks together. 4x inlets, 1x outlet with integrated truss mount. $179.99


CGA-320 Fittings

Compatible with all standard CO2 tanks in North & South America. Offered in 1/4" NPT & 3/8" JIC models. $22.99


CO2 Tank Splitter

The easiest way to power 2 products from a single CO2 tank without fitting changes. Washers included. $49.99


Hose Adapters

Multiple styles that allow easy hose reconfiguration. Great for odd scenarios encountered at events. $14.99+


Right Angle Adapter

A Clean hose run sometimes will requires a 90 degree turn. Look no further, problem solved. $49.99


Replacement Keys

Did you finally have to use the spare key that was hidden under the gaffers tape? Grab a few extras. From: $7.49


Replacement O-Ring

A leaking quick connect fitting occurs when the internal O-ring becomes worn or damaged. Swap it out. $1.99


Truss Clamp

Securely attach your equipment to 1.5" - 2" trussing. Fastens with 1/2-13 flat head bolt. $29.99


Neutrik True1 Top PowerCON cable

Neutrik PowerCON True1 Cords

Authentic Neutrik True1 assembly. Edison or daisy chain configurations available. Choose your length. From: $29.99


Co2 Tank Attachment Tool

Stop searching for a wrench. This tool stays attached to the hose, so it's always there when needed. $9.99


CO2 Washers

A CO2 washer is required for leak free operation when using CO2 products. Keep a few extras on hand. $9.99