CO2 Tank Covers

These covers are a great way to conceal your CO2 tanks at events.

Made from durable neoprene material, these covers are built to last. Featuring a full length zipper, these can be installed easily, even when tanks are in hard to access places.

Offered in 20LB & 50LB sizes.

20LB CO2 Tank Cover

  • designed to fit steel or aluminum CO2 tanks, with or without handle.
  • Woven interior tag to easily identify.
  • 23” tall, 8” diameter, 4” opening at top.

50LB CO2 Tank Cover

  • designed to fit steel CO2 tanks.
  • Woven interior tag to easily identify.
  • 50” tall, 9.25” diameter, 3.25” diameter opening at top.

We recommend you unzip and lay flat to dry after use. Hand wash.


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The Club Cannon can be used with any Siphon CO2 Tank (Sometime referred to as a Siphon Tube or Dip Tank). The Club Cannon will not operate properly with a standard CO2 tank, so you must be sure you are using a Siphon Tank.

CO2 is readily available from any local gas or welding supplier. We recommend using a 20lb or 50lb tank with your Club Cannon. The larger the tank, the more you can use you Club Cannon. You will get approximately 1-2 seconds of spray for each pound of your tanks capacity. If you have questions about getting a CO2 tank, or need advice on a supplier, feel free to email us: info@clubcannon.com

Common suppliers of CO2 Tanks are MATHESON, LINDE and AIRGAS. These companies have branches nationwide. Use the links below to find a supplier near you.

Use THIS LINK to find the nearest LINDE location.

Use THIS LINK to find the nearest AIRGAS location.

Use THIS LINK to find the nearest MATHESON location.

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