LED Attachment II

The Club Cannon LED Attachment II is an accessory designed to be used in conjunction with the Pro Jet, allowing an impressive illumination of the fog column.

Featuring 6 x 20W LEDs, each with RGBWA+UV function. This unlocks an infinite amount of color possibilities. The underside of the fixture is equipped with 4 rubber coated magnets. This makes installing the LED Attachment quick, easy, and secure.

The LED Attachment II can plug and play with The Button, ShoStarter, and ShoMaster for easy control. In addition, there are several DMX modes to choose from, multiple zone control, selectable "fade out" time, and RDM.

DMX & Power ports are now on the bottom of the fixture, providing tidy cabling.


  • LED Attachment II
  • 5 pin DMX jumper
  • True1 jumper cord
  • M8 safety eye bolt


PLEASE NOTE:  A Pro Jet is required for each LED Attachment. Sold Separately.



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Back & Brighter Than Ever.

The LED Attachment II has been completely revamped. Equipped with an entirely new design, the LEDs are now twice as powerful as the previous generation. Designed with simplicity in mind, the LED Attachment II brings a user-friendly experience with unmatched performance.


6 x 20W LEDs, making the LED Attachment II the brightest cryo accessory on the market. Unleash a whole new dimension of CO2 lighting, with multi-zone control.


We’ve taken care of cable management. With DMX and Power ports conveniently placed at the bottom of the fixture, the included jumper cords are the perfect length, keeping your setup clean and organized, ensuring a clutter-free appearance.


Installing the LED Attachment II is easier and more secure than ever – thanks to four powerful magnets on the underside of the unit. Just attach and go.


Customize the LED fade-out time to match the CO2 dissipation rate, creating a unique effect. The LED Attachment II is equipped with built-in fade-out options, ranging from 0.5 – 2.5 seconds.

Features & Specifications

Take a look at the product description below. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us.

  • 110 – 240 VAC
  • 6 pounds
  • 90W

  • 7.75” W x 7” L x 3.88” H
  • 196.84 MM W x 177.8 MM L x 98.43 MM H
  • 5 pin XLR In/Out (Standard)
  • Neutrik True1 In/Out (110v-240v)
DOWNLOADS LED Attachment II User Manual
LED Attachment II DMX Chart
MA2 Fixture Profiles

Club Cannon products require a Siphon CO2 Tank (Sometime referred to as a Siphon Tube or Dip Tank). Products will not operate properly with a standard CO2 tank, so you must be sure you are using a Siphon Tank.

CO2 is readily available from any local gas or welding supplier. We recommend using a 20lb or 50lb tank with your Club Cannon. The larger the tank, the more you can use you product. You will get approximately 1 seconds of spray for each pound of your tanks capacity. If you have questions about getting a CO2 tank, or need advice on a supplier, feel free to email us: support@clubcannon.com

Common suppliers of CO2 Tanks are MATHESON, LINDE and AIRGAS. These companies have branches nationwide. Use the links below to find a supplier near you.


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