The Club Cannon ShoStarter DMX Controller is designed for SFX professionals.

The ShoStarter is a reimagining of our popular Cryo Controller, with design inspiration from our ShoMaster console. This new model is now equipped with a larger screen for easier configuration, auxiliary DMX input, an emergency stop and a larger key. Built specifically for FX operators, this unit will allow you to trigger FX of all kinds. CO2 Jets, Confetti Blowers, Streamers, Fog, Haze, Sparks, and everything in between. The built-in timers allow you to track CO2 tank levels, or any other effect that relies on consumables. This takes the guesswork out of tank changeovers or machine refills. The timers are also useful for cues that call for a specific duration.

Several modes are pre-programmed into the controller to suit the majority of FX products. These modes can be changed on the fly, using the built-in touch screen. If you need a custom mode, no problem. The ShoStarter has 4 customizable modes, with 20 DMX channels each.

ShoStarter DMX Controller
6FT Neutrik True1 Power Cord
2 Keys
DMX Turnaround (converts 3 pin port to DMX Input)


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A control solution reimagined for SFX operators. Easily control all your FX products, track consumable usage and set up chases with ease. The ShoStarter is equipped with isolated 3-pin and 5-pin DMX outputs, maximizing compatibility with your gear.


Are you tired of guessing your CO2 levels during performances? The ShoStarter’s four built-in timers provide peace of mind, eliminating the need to worry about running out of CO2 during a show.


Key Triggers are a powerful tool for linking DMX channels to the key switch. This is useful for a variety of SFX products that require an “enable” channel. Each Key Trigger can be assigned a unique DMX channel and value, allowing you to independently control the trigger value of multiple SFX devices. With the ShoStarter, you can set up to 8 Key Triggers for maximum control over your SFX rig.


The ShoStarter features two isolated DMX outputs. This gives the operator the ability to use both ports at the same time. This includes RDM compatibility on both ports simultaneously.

Alternatively, the 3-pin port can be used as a DMX input when used with another DMX controller like The Button.


  • 110 - 240 VAC Universal
  • 6 LBs
  • 2.72 KG
  • 6W
  • 9.16" W x 8.45" H x 3.95" D
  • 232.664mm W x 214.63mm H x 100.33mm D
  • See Manual for more details.
  • 5 pin XLR Out (Standard)
  • 3 pin XLR In/Out(Standard)
  • Neutrik True1 Input

Club Cannon products require a Siphon CO2 Tank (Sometime referred to as a Siphon Tube or Dip Tank). Products will not operate properly with a standard CO2 tank, so you must be sure you are using a Siphon Tank.

CO2 is readily available from any local gas or welding supplier. We recommend using a 20lb or 50lb tank with your Club Cannon. The larger the tank, the more you can use you product. You will get approximately 1 seconds of spray for each pound of your tanks capacity. If you have questions about getting a CO2 tank, or need advice on a supplier, feel free to email us: support@clubcannon.com

Common suppliers of CO2 Tanks are MATHESON, LINDE and AIRGAS. These companies have branches nationwide. Use the links below to find a supplier near you.


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